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Post 11461 History


The Ojai Valley Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 11461 was established on December 2, 1992. Originally, there were 53 Charter members. As is true of most veteran’s organizations, our numbers are declining due to death and disabilities that go with aging, especially with World War II and Korean War veterans. However, the Post has been fairly successful in replacing members to provide continuity in the causes and remembrance of

The following charter members are still active or in contact with the Post:

Henry Bast                                     Dave Pressey

Charles Bennett                             Larry Prince

Harold Breech                               James Rodgers

Gene Carper                                  Ivan Rude

Howard Gilbert                              Stanley Schneider

Richard Hiser                                 Lee Stanworth

Harry Hunt                                      James Whitledge

Joseph Jacobs                             John Cal

John Magill                                    Eugene Peterson

Patrick Nolan

Since the charter was established the Post has picked up a number of active members. Younger veterans are certainly encouraged to join.

The following members have never picked up their charter certificates from the Post. If you know of any of these people, kindly advise them to check with Dave Pressey.

William Whitman

James Williamson

Richard Tressler

Merle Thorne

William Stalder

Robert Smith

Daniel Lopez

Glenn Johnson

Richard Howard

Chris Hilgers

Ross Hilles

Norman Hiatt

Robert Golden

Mark Enneking

James Davis

Danny Withrow

William Molke

Earnest Acosta